Certified SC Grown
via Chernoff Newman
What's the Hollar: Art direction and design for logo, print, outdoor and TV
Certified SC Grown was the concept we pitched to the SC Department of Agriculture and what became their program to promote SC produce and products in stores, and Fresh on the Menu was the program to promote SC produce and products in restaurants.
Certified SC Grown—Visuals from Several Print Ads
Certified SC Grown—Samples of First TV Spots

Grilling, Collards, Peanuts

Tomatoes, Watermelon, Milk

Peaches, Peanuts, Corn

Corn, Nursery, Watermelon

Interstate Welcome Outdoor Board

Special Holiday Recipe Rack Brochure
Fresh On The Menu—Photos from Several Print Ads
Atlantic Wild Shrimp Outdoor

A Cornucopia of Campaign Creative