Art That Can Dance.
That’s how I consider my work in time-based design.
I have run camera. I have run sound. I direct and produce. I write scripts. I have been known to be a lighting director, key grip, and gaffer—all in one. I have animated motion graphics as well as done the edit and sound design. But I’d say best role is being a producer, or the art director who gets the look of the job right. Here you will find a sampling of my favorite work, ranging from current work to some classics.

Home Page Overview

Productivity Management

One to One Plus   Re-imagined overview videos as part of a website review and overhaul. The first video below, the Home Page Overview, shows how One To One Plus is an all-in-one solution solving K12 technology management problems. The subsequent videos each show specific solutions, such as help desk ticket and technology asset management.
What's the Hollar: Concept, script punch-up, art direction and animation

Mobile App

Help Desk + Ticket Management

Softdocs  I ran camera, I ran sound, and I even set the lights. Producer, director, editor. I had good PAs to help with these, as well.
What's the Hollar: Camera, sound, art direction, editing and motion graphics

Thought Leadership Video: Trends in the Marketplace

Thought Leadership Video: Security and Interoperability

Founders Day Video—Interview with Robert and Mike

Softdocs  Customer Stories

Customer Stories: Pepperdine University

Customer Stories: Northeast Georgia RESA

Softdocs  BRIDGE Annual User Conference

Conference Hype Video
(with overlay animations by coworker Becca Bradley)

Customer Stories: BRIDGE Attendee Highlight Reel
(edited and designed by intern Michaela Taylor)

Softdocs  Miscellaneous Animation — K-12 Paper Video
What's the Hollar: Creative direction, animation, sound design (and VO talent!)

It wasn’t all serious business at Softdocs. We did have some fun!
Certified SC Grown (Chernoff Newman)
What's the Hollar: Art Direction

Tomatoes, Watermelon, Milk

Peaches, Peanuts and Corn, oh my!

Grilling, Collards, Peanuts (again!)

Trident United Way  (Chernoff Newman)
What's the Hollar: Animation

EngenuitySC  (Chernoff Newman)
What's the Hollar: Concept,
motion graphics, editing, art directing video shoots

Block by Block


Force Protection/GDLS (Chernoff Newman)
What's the Hollar: Editing,
motion graphics, sound design

Force Armor Promotional Video

Timberwolf Video for CANSEC

Buffalo A2 Video

Threat Management Group (Chernoff Newman)
Promotional video showcasing the training capabilities of Threat Management Group
What's the Hollar: Concept, editing, motion graphics and sound design

"Operation TMG" Promotional Video